About S.O.L.D

S.O.L.D offers disabled people the opportunity to have access to a workshop environment where they can work on their own projects, items for S.O.L.D, orders for the public or community projects

The SOLD Studio includes a woodwork shop (woodwork, wood turning, hand wood-crafts etc), Art & Craft Room (Art, Textiles, Finishing off other projects etc) and a computer room, we even have a couple of Bee Hives that we (well, the bees) produce honey in - Any of these can be utilised by the service users (Risk Assessment allowing)

It is our aim to encourage the service users to be as hands-on in their use of the facilities as possible (by helping them to develop their own projects - "want to make a set of skittles in the shape of fruit?" we can find a way to do it... - this hasn't happened as of yet but Fruity Skittles could be the next big thing!). All of this helps service users to increase their self-esteem, confidence and, to a degree, independence.